Ian Boddy – Continuum

Ian Boddy - Continuum

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Ian Boddy – Continuum
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Something Else Records , 1996

“Ian Boddy goes ambient” could have been an appropriate subtitle for this album, which contains a selection of a continuous 7-hour improvised ambient performance at the Comic Art Festival, Newcastle in June 1996.

The long string of quiet and slow evolving spherics on the 140-minute recording gives way to a lot of experimentation and discovery into sound, pairing soundscapes, effects and various subtle rhythms/beats in a kind of futuristic sonic mould. A certain degree of minimalism is at play in the sonic tapestry, featuring no distinct melodic lines as things are pushed onward smoothly.

Compared to Ian’s previous albums, “Continuum” is a totally different sonic breed and quite a challenge at the same time. As such, it will pay-off satisfactory if the listener is open-minded and has the patience to hear each of the 72-minute discs without interruption. In a way, I also feel “Continuum” has elements we consider (alternate) chill-out nowadays.

Website: www.din.org.uk

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