Ian Boddy – Nevermore

Ian Boddy - Nevermore


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Ian Boddy  – Nevermore

“Nevermore” -representing the 100th DiN release- features Ian Boddy’s live set created at the DiN studio on March 27th, 2021 as part of Steve Roach’s Soundquest Festival. With the exception of the two beautifully moulded, slowly unfolding rhythmic excursions “From Here To There” and the melodic-spiced title track, the 60-minute performance proves an intriguing soundscape journey with occasional tantalizing gloomy-ish shades (“Farside”, “Underhill”) as well as many introspective hooks.

Moreover, its sonic trail -airing a certain Robert Rich feel on and off- carries a distinct perfume of longing and melancholy along a rim of fragility. Aside from that, the attentive listener will sense the composer’s ongoing quest for sonic exploration throughout the full recording. All in all the ambient-esque “Nevermore” makes a nice aural travelogue in constant transition.

Website: www.DiN.org.uk

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