Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds – Exit Strategy

Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds - Exit Strategy


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Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds – Exit Strategy
CD, DiN, 2011

The Ian Boddy and Bakis Sirros album “Exit Strategy” (the 37th physical DiN-release, limited to 600 copies) is a profound energetic and analogue affair with a strong organic edge.

From the press release I learned Mr Sirror planted the seed for the project by delivering a series of both ambient soundscapes and more structured multilayered compositions featuring his well-known trademark of “unusual pulsing, throbbing analogue percussion layers, warm soundscapes and beguiling melodies”.
While adding his own craftmanship and glissando keyboard sound, this outcome was “reworked” by Ian Boddy into a series of seven inter-linked tracks that form a musical narrative on this album.

There is quite some anthemic moments (e.g. “Impresario”, which comes close to Mark Shreeve´s Redshift) found in the fine shaped and curling music next to intrinsic emotional, melodic and darker oriented passages. The highly atmospheric and flowing “Entwined” could have been made with Robert Rich.

The strong spirit of adventure, following unusual pathways and taking corners straight in another direction during the subterranean journey makes the continuous sonic flow of “Exit Strategy” dynamic, very satisfactory and most rewarding.

The transparent sound spectrum and top notch mastering by Ian Boddy are the icing on the cake of this highly recommended vintage recording with both a cinematic and high tech rim.

Website: www.din.org.uk

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