Ian Boddy – Sepulchre

Ian Boddy - Sepulchre

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Ian Boddy – Sepulchre

“Sepulchre” contains the set that Ian Boddy performed live on air for the Stars End radio show in Philadelphia, USA on October 14th 2012.

The 64-minute outcome of Ian’s concert at this venue is made up by a rich and colourful tapestry of pads and floating atmospheres, all carrying the trademark of this experienced UK-musician, while also going deeper and expanding on his continuous sound quest.

Although starting out in a rather abstract and searching fashion on the first few tracks, there’s a lot of emotion at play in the continuous rise and fall of dramatic soundscapes and tense string chords, all nicely shaped from vintage and contemporary sound sources.

Moreover, the ethereal and calming sonic journey with various melancholic undercurrents creates an intimate and dreamlike setting to immerse into, challenging the listener to make up his own images as the music unfolds. The epic 16-minute “Monument”, found at the core of the quality album, is lead by a great vintage sequence, making it a thrilling ride when the various retro pads and lead voice kick in. A strong feel of loss is reflected on the mesmerizing tracks “Remembrance” and “Forgotten”, while winding down smoothly on the last track tranquil “Rest”.

All in all, “Sepulchre” makes an excellent piece of introspective mood music for evening and night hours.

Website: www.din.org.uk

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