Ian Boddy – Sid Smith – Jane Molloy – Other Rooms

Ian Boddy - Sid Smith - Jane Molloy - Other Rooms

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Ian Boddy – Sid Smith – Jane Molloy – Other Rooms

“Other Rooms” is a digital-only release to accompany the three-vinyl box set “Spectroscopic”, featuring four early tape delay experimental tracks Those of you who wondered about the formative years of UK-synthesist Ian Boddy hereby have the chance to learn more.
It comes with a price though, as these early sonic explorations (recorded at Spectro Arts Workshop, Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the early 1980’s) have much to do with abstract/experimental ambient, so not an accessible affair.

The outcome (clocking over 90 minutes!) contains four lengthy ambient tracks that all have in common the technique of tape delay and feedback systems, which (as Ian explains) is virtually impossible to mimic accurately with modern day technology. Still, and as much as I appreciate the hard efforts, the music (if you like to call it that way) doesn’t make a comfortable listen. The sounds and created spheres are eerie, especially on the 31-minute “The Basement” found at the start.

The muted noises and harsh sounding patches on “Two Postcards” (a collage of processed bass guitar solos seeded with a field recording) aren’t appealing either, which also goes for the otherworldly/pastoral alchemy coming together on “Spirits Risings”. The bittersweet-ish sounding “From where I sit” (featuring some muted vocals) sounds the most balanced and harmonic.

All in all, this release is only for those who like abstract/experimental ambient musings.

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