Ian Boddy – Strange Attractors

Ian Boddy - Strange Attractors


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Ian Boddy – Strange Attractors

“Strange Attractors” is a power release by Ian Boddy, known as one of UK’s longtime and leading Em composers. The disc contains music performed live in concert in April 2011 at the Awakenings electronic music concert series.

The 75-minute recording shows Mr Boddy is in excellent spirits, as he pairs atmospheric work with constanty shapeshifting (sometimes even abstract) sound imagery, occasional melodic lines and tantelizing sequenced passages. All these elements make up a great spatial sound design acchieved by an experienced and highly creative electronic composer who knows how to keep things attractive and moving in a fascinating ebb and flow style. It simply keeps surprising the listener as the journey gradually unfolds and takes turn after turn.

Attentive listeners can also now and then witness the influence of Ian’s fruitful collaborative efforts with Robert Rich. Of the five pieces, the third track “The Crossing Range” is most notable due to its nice morphing waves and energized character that peaks in the last six minutes with some great vintage sequencing.

Listening to Mr Boddy’s almost exclusive analogue sound sources is an intense and most satisfying experience, making “Strange Attractors” a not-to-be-missed gem.
Great job, Ian!

Website: www.din.org.uk

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