Ian Tescee – A Traveler’s Guide to Mars

Ian Tescee - A Traveler's Guide to Mars

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Ian Tescee – A Traveler’s Guide to Mars
CD, Private Release, 2007

“A Traveler’s Guide to Mars”, Ian Tescee’s fourth release, was inspired by the same book by space scientist and friend William K. Hartmann.
The writings of the latter led to a phone call from the Buhl Planetarium in Pittsburgh to create a full-dome digital Mars show, for which Mr Hartmann approached Ian Tescee to compose the musical score.

The 14 tracks on the cd, created with synths, electronic drums and some analogue guitar, fuses elements of prog-rock, symphonic and electronic music, starting strong with the thematic “The New World”.

Next to simple melodic themes, the music offers various more adventurous and powerful endeavours on various occasions, such as the highly cinematic “God of War”, although the quiet soundings of “Beneath the Ice” (featuring music of Russell Storey) are also nicely done.
On the other hand, I’m not that fond of the sound of Ian’s (solo) guitar kicking in at various points, nor do I like Ian’s singing on the 11th track.

This album is a further musical step forward when compared to the previous ones, although it musically still doesn’t fit in my personal taste.
So I just end with Ian’s goal: space music means something on a gut feeling level, it’s about creating a separate, fantasmagoric reality that can be shared with others.

Website: www.iantescee.com

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