Ian Tescee – Breathwork

Ian Tescee - Breathwork

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Ian Tescee – Breathwork
CD-R, Private Release, 1990/2000

Some might remember musician Ian Tescee from his albums “IO” and “Continua”, after which he somewhat “disappeared” from the scene. What a happy surprise it was when I saw him turn up on several electronic music forums, which proved he’s still around and making music.

“Breathwork” was originally released in 1990 and is inspired by Grof Breathwork, a method which combines musical sound energy and breathing.

When I put the record on, I was welcomed by the same sound I knew from his former albums. Stylistically it’s still melodic and overall accessible. I found the opening a bit weak, but on the second track “Muladhara” (the best track of all to my opinion) things get lively and dynamic with fierce drums and nice choir textures.

But there are more weak spots on the album, like tracks three, eight and pieces nine. Fortunately they are counterpointed by stronger efforts like “Sanctity” and the sweeping, delicate “Opening”. It’s a pity the closing tracks are again mediocre.

Overall, Tescee’s music will surely benefit from some proper production and the use of a better drum machine.

Website: www.iantescee.com

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