Ian Tescee – IO

Ian Tescee - IO

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Ian Tescee – IO
MC/LP/CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, E-N Records, 1984/2004

The music of Ian Tescee was among the range of talented electronic musicians from the US that slowly found their way to Europe when import channels and European distribution opened up in the heydays. Like many others it was inspired by the beauty and magic of the cosmos, more specifically celebrating a journey to Jupiter’s volcanically active moon IO as well as the success of the Voyager 1 and 2 probes that brought the world images of it. “Space music means something on a gut feeling level, it’s about creating a separate, phantasmagoric reality that can be shared with others” composer Tom Gregor (a.k.a. Ian Tescee) once remarked.

“IO” features 38-minutes of accessible yet vibrant electro-acoustic music full of melody and catchy rhythms creating engaging atmospheres and splendor imagery before the mind’s eye. A slice of classic Jarre is shining through occasionally (“The Volcanoes”) as well as a few slight semi-orchestral hints, but most of the soundtrack-ish outcome with various tempo changes holds its own trademark.

The year 2004 saw the release of a fully remastered 20th-anniversary edition of this space music cadet.

Website: www.iantescee.com

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