Immersion Theory – The [Icarus] Foray

Immersion Theory - The [Icarus] Foray


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Immersion Theory – The [Icarus] Foray
CD, Private Release, 2007

Those of you out there looking for a good release in the genre of deep ambient space music, should make sure to get a copy of this beauty.

“The [Icarus] Foray”, holding a strong element of sonic story telling, is one of the several creative outlets by Los Angeles based musician John-Mark Austin, aka Immersion Theory, presenting a collection of lush ambient space music of the highest level.
The album was written and recorded during a two-month sabbatical, and afterwards excellently mastered by the very capable Robert Rich.

The four extended, spacious tracks continue along the immersive, sonic path of Steve Roach, Jonn Serrie and even Constance Demby, but make their own cinematic statement by Austin’s personal twists and turns.
Soft choir and orchestral textures are accompanied by fluid ambient sound washes and ethereal NASA radio transmissions.
They all shape shift gently as the space journey slowly unfolds and meanders as we float in the spacious realms and grandness of the universe, on our way to the next cosmic destination.

All in all,“The [Icarus] Foray” –which is graced with beautiful cd-artwork- is deep ambient/space music at its finest.
A highly recommended space cruiser!



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