Inade – Aldebaran

Inade - Aldebaran

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Inade – Aldebaran
CD, Cold Spring, 1996/2007

I received this cd together with the re-release of Sleep Research Facility’s “Nostromo”.

“Aldebaran” appears to be the debut album of Inade, aka the German duo Knut Enderlein and René Lehmann . They have the intention “to go beyond the in part static and often repetitive working principle of Ambient Music by adding further attributes”.
The album originally came out in 1996, and saw a second re-release in 2000 before it saw this third reincarnation in November 2007.

“Aldebaran”, named after the black sun of the secret knowledge, is a journey into dark and cloudy ambient music with lots of drone fields, pulse rhythms and minimal textures, all creating a dense and overall gloomy atmosphere.
Vast fields of desolation and coldness are featured on the whole album, while some influences from industrial ambient can also be noticed.

This is both weird and mysterious music in which you never know what lies around the corner, so make sure to check out a few soundbites before you step into the total isolated and hypnotizing world of “Aldebaran”.



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