Indo – Rupa Loka

Indo - Rupa Loka

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Indo – Rupa Loka
CD, Gterma, 2011

The Rupa Loka is the fine material world in Buddhist cosmology, the “residence” of higher life forms than us. It’s also the name of a concept-album by Hungarian composer Andras Kiss, aka Indo, who thinks the release an important one as an artist (although it’s considered one of his most unpopular until now).

Mr Kiss though didn’t want to represent the 16 worlds of Rupa Loka in a musical sense when he started composing and performing the music in 2009. Alternatively, he tried to influence the state-of-mind of the listener to be susceptible to feel Rupa Loka for a while. In Andras interpretation, Rupa Loka is with us constantly, and can be noticed when we calm down and really start to listen while we open up to feel its higher dimensions.

The 61-minute album contains seven vibrant and transparent pieces, opening with dronescapes and massive, crackling sound effects leading the listener into a deeper sonic world as the intense sound-exploration carries on. Nature sounds fly by in the massive, rather experimental-oriented free form soundscapes as the albums further evolves. Strange and overall mysterious phenomena display their wings on “Rupa Loka”, as the lengthy and continuous drone tapestry carries along in an unpredictable, at times also unpolished manner.

Overall, this deep-listening album is a heavy and adventurous sonic ride best listened to in one go, but definitely not suitable for the faint of heart.



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