Indo – Winter in Zangla (A Tribute To Alexander Csoma De Kőrös)

Indo - Winter in Zangla (A Tribute To Alexander Csoma De Kőrös)


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Indo – Winter in Zangla (A Tribute To Alexander Csoma De Kőrös)
CD, Gterma, 2011

Indo is an older project of Hungarian soundartist extraordinaire Andras Kiss, that has been growing out slowly from his other ambient endeavours.

The Indo-project is strongly influenced by nature, metaphysical traditions, lost cultures and civilizations, ancient knowledge by people what’s getting lost or that’s already lost, although there yet are some points from where we can catch a few things from this knowledge: various metaphysical traditions and sacred texts for example.

The 76-minute “Winter in Zangla” also fulfills an old desire of Mr Kiss to compose a tribute to Alexander Csoma de Kőrös. This Hungarian hero of knowledge and the human mind lived an ascetic life in search of the origin of the Magyar people.
The album title focuses on his residence in Zangla after a long journey through Central Asia, where Csoma de Kőrös spent a hard but fruitful time studying the Tibetan language and science, alongside working on the first Tibetan English dictionary. This all took place in severe winter conditions without any heating and Tibetan tea with tallow as only food .

Andras Kiss has transformed Alexander’s legendary life and journeys into expansive, narrative and immersive dronescapes with Tibetan undercurrents. It travels the deep end as the non-rhythmic textures morph and gradually evolves in a minimalist way.
Although these mysterious and in-depth soundworlds are more dense and different when it comes to atmosphere, they do share the same impact and (cinematic) similarity as found on Irezumi’s quality ambient release “Endurance”.

The whole concept becomes even more enlighted and deepened on the hypnotizing 34-minute bonus piece “The Sword of King Virudhaka”. Here it seems the listener is elevated to another dimension, travelling through the mists of time and almost being able to touch and feel the void.
Be fully immersed and headphones highly recommended!



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