Inhmost – Above the Sky

Inhmost - Above the Sky

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Inhmost – Above the Sky
MC/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Auxiliary, 2023

I ran into the artist Inhmost, aka Simon Huxtable, due to the two space albums this guy did with James Clements, who’s better known as ASC. “Above the Sky” is a 7-track  atmospheric trip into the cosmic expanse, a calm unfolding journey expressing the wonders and mysteries of the galaxy as we drift in there.

The 47-minute freeform result features a smooth interplay of light and dark textures merged with environmental bits and effects, all contributing to the soothing, weightless “out there” feel. On “Behind the Clouds” we touch some ethereal ground while a light percussive rhythm moves in on “Distortion Point”. The best take though is the enchanting closing piece “Astral Plane” where the expanse opens up in full.

Despite not meeting ASC’s level of quality and impact, “Above the Sky” still makes a worthy listen for all space cadets out there. (rating: between 3 and 3.5 stars)





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