Interconnected – Grainophonics

Interconnected - Grainophonics  


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Interconnected – Grainophonics

CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD/LP, Móatún 7, 2021

“Grainophonics” by Bakis Sirros and Ingo Zobel (aka Interconnected) is an ambient work full of surreal, adventurous atmospheres and organic soundscapes created with big analogue modular synths with granular, additive, physical modeling synthesis, and assorted field recordings. These foreboding textural plains/drones as well as the sights on barren land across the view displayed on the eight tracks are certainly not for the faint of heart. The thick, dense veils are briefly lifted by the drifting waves of “Harmonic Merging”, “Quasi Chaotic” and the soothing “Questioning Everything” before the gathering of minimalist clouds starts all over again and malevolent-ish, psychedelic moods creep in. Expect and embrace the unexpected when you start exploring these newfound (often remote) aural worlds.


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