Irezumi – Forest

Irezumi - Forest  


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Irezumi – Forest
Digital Download, Private Release, 2022

Some six years after “Thirty”, French artist Manuel Mesdag brings his audience a full body of work with “Forest”. It’s a one-hour enchanting, warm, and most moody ambient release, an aural world at ease featuring various field recordings, bits of subtle sequencing, organic sounds, and some occasional rhythmic structures. The occasional use of bell and gamelan sounds popping up on “Walk” or “Macro” is also worth mentioning as well as the brief spoken lines on “Letter” and the darker-shaded, mesmerizing “Words”.

The emotive current is still profound but the mourning and loss that were at the core of his previous recording have now shifted to an ambience inviting the light back in. “Searching”, the second track, already makes a highlight as it spreads a gentle sonic perfume of melancholy and introspection while “Stuck” drifts effortlessly into the freeform sound worlds of Simon Lomax’s Maitreya project evoking limitless horizons. “Stellaire” makes another strong take, breathing beauty, serenity, and pureness. Dense textures roam on the slow beat-driven “Alone”, shifting to a state of new beginning and renewal on the outro-track “Birth”.

Rests me to say that attentive listening is required to get the best out of this at times quite hypnotizing aural balm that is making up this fine ambient release.


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