Irezumi – Thirty

Irezumi - Thirty

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Irezumi – Thirty
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2016

Seven years after his impressive debut “Endurance”, the Em-scene sees the return of Paris-based musician Manuel Mesdag, aka Irezumi. “Thirty” –dedicated to his late brother – collects nine most personal and intimate ambient tracks dealing with emotions like depression, doubts, fears, mourning and resilience that affected Manuel’s life in various stages.

The outcome, finished before the composer’s 30th birthday and familiar at times of the works of Simon Lomax, is layered meticulously, highly contemplative, deep and highly emotive. Each minimal-textural piece travels inward and comes up close and personal.

As “Thirty” ventures into dark, dense territory in search for answers (maybe even a sense of release and solace) one can actually sense the inevitable descent. “Falling”, “Drowning” and “Hidden” appear the heaviest and most confronting pieces as all appears black and lost. The way back in this homage sets in when tears start to flow, one dares to stand up and look for the light again. It’s a slow process of healing and reconciliation where both forward and backward steps have to be taken. This music accomplished with detail was the effective means to make it happen.

If you like a physical copy of the limited digipack cd (which contains 1 hidden track) I strongly urge you not to hesitate any longer as “Thirty” is limited to just 100 copies.



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