Isaiah Toran – Whispering Quietly

Isaiah Toran - Whispering Quietly

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Isaiah Toran – Whispering Quietly
CD, Private Release, 2004

This is the second release of this Ohio-based musician, of which I found his debut album “Another Way Home” rather mediocre.

“Whispering Quietly” (another journey exploring the self interior) begins with some Roach-like textural guitar before whale-sounds and abstract soundscapes fade in.

“Dark Knight” offers some heavy piano-keys, wind-sounds and some female vocal next to some strings. “Dreamist” is a more heavenly sounding track with lots of fx’s and an abstract closing.
“Tacist Now” is the longest track on the album, and to me the only really pleasant piece of soft soundscapes dwellings.

The title track is a soft piece with romantic whispering, harp- and soft guitar before things develop into orchestrated strings.
The hardest thing to cope with while listening to this album, are the abstract but spacious intended organic sounds which don’t make up for a relaxing, meditative album which it intends to be.
This feeling is increased by the various restless transitions in the music.



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