Ishq – Blue Infinity

Ishq - Blue Infinity


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Ishq – Blue Infinity

Matt Hillier’s “Blue Infinity” is an ambient concept album inspired by the story of Peter Lanyon, the painter and glider pilot based in Cornwall, who painted landscapes of the West Cornwall peninsula from a gliders perspective. In a sense, the album’s music is an imagined flight in a glider across the Cornwall landscape but with some deeper meaning as always.

On the seven tracks we enter a world of lush, harmonious and floating spaces that evolve gentle and in a most uplifting fashion. Occasionally, the soft breathing and intrinsic textures create an almost meditative realm, coming to full bloom on the mesmerizing, slightly mourning 16-minute “Lanyon”, found in the centre of the release.

All in all, the overtly relaxing and minimalist “Blue Infinity” makes a fine work of chill-out soundscape ambient to break away with.


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