Ishq – Orchid

Ishq - Orchid


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Ishq – Orchid
CD, Interchill Records / Dakini Records, 2002

Ishq is the ambient chill-out project of the English musician Matt Hillier, who has traded his guitar in ’91 for a synthesizer, after which he made music using various aliases. He set the personal goal to compose music that was able to alter the human perception and the inner consciousness.

“Orchid” is released in two different versions: a single cd on Interchill Records, and a limited double cd on Dakini Records.

The first cd contains seven long, uninterrupted tracks of which the looping drum in the opening track “Skyblue” fortunately enough stays on the background.
The other pieces form a tranquil, introspective blanket of organic-sounding chill-out, all carrying a distinct exotic flavour. Light melodic passages interact with slowly morphing soundscape textures, keenly melted with nature sounds.
To me, the best tracks on this disc are “Yu” and “Bhakti”, of which the latter features some beautiful dozed rhythms and beats.

The second cd of the limited edition contains four more engaging tracks, in all 40 minutes of music.
From the beginning, they really are able to draw the listener’s attention as you drift away on a very relaxed journey in which time not space seem to fade away minute after minute.
This absolutely exceeds the already high level of the first disc. Especially the opening track “Fluid Earth” is masterfully composed high-quality chill-out of meandering sound textures.

Let there be no mistake about it: “Orchid” is a winner for ambient music fans!


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