Ishq – Skyspaces

Ishq - Skyspaces

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Ishq – Skyspaces
CD, Virtual Light, 2011

“Skyspaces” is the first album on Virtual Light, a new series adapted by Ishq (aka Matt Hillier), of which all releases will have an emphasis on space, light and minimalism rather than the more complex and detailed soundscape style feautured on the Virtual World series.

As Matt further explains, the ambient music of “Skyspaces” (a limited edition release) was inspired greatly by the open sky and its ever changing dreamlike quality and attempts to capture something of the nature of the sky as it changes over a 24 hour period.

Well, this meditative, highly textural and flowing minimal music featuring a careful layering of gentle soundscapes is very suitable to put a busy mind to rest with. Alternatively, it can also open the doorway to the listener to find deeper meaning in the gracious core of “Skyscapes” inner stillness.

It’s quite easy to lean back and imagine peaceful green meadows, a gentle breeze and pastoral landscape panoramas blanked in the sun as the textural music with field recordings smoothly evolves and passes by.

Headphones will especially do the trick for this, while revealing the delicate and detailed structuring of Mr Hillier’s well-mastered expansive sound tapesteries during the journey.


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