Ishqamatics – Spacebound

Ishqamatics - Spacebound

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Ishqamatics – Spacebound

Ishqamatics is Lee Anthony Norris (aka Metamatics, Autumn of Communion and owner of the …txt label) and Matt Hillier (aka Ishq). “Spacebound”, their third full-length effort, is a continuous 10-track ride of vibrant and contemporary electronics, pairing sophisticatedly moulded spacious drone textures with minimal and hypnotic structures to aural splendour.

This beatless, smooth pulsating and meticulously moulded affair features many elements and lush spheres which all feel like they’re somehow descending from another world or dimension beyond. Metaphysical, dreamlike, chill-out and psychedelic are keywords that also apply to the outcome of this gentle morphing and shape shifting space-cruiser on various occasions. In the second half, some quirky and experimental sound bites though derange that sphere occasionally.

Repeated listens to the intriguing “Spacebound” will reveal its peculiar sonic depths and refined layering of textures.



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