Ishvara – Under A Hexagon Sky

Ishvara - Under A Hexagon Sky

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Ishvara – Under A Hexagon Sky
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Virtual World, 2012

Intelligent electronic space lounge is a description that flew through my mind while I was digging Ishvara’s album “Under A Hexagon Sky”, “an album of futuristic prismatic soundscapes and flowing musical pieces inspired by sci fi imagery and dedicated to all those who have wandered under liquid skys of geometric shape and color and wondered at the cosmos through triptamine eyes”.

Composer Matt Hillier takes his listeners on a one hour ambient journey (headphones strongly recommended!) where things are tranquil and float along in slow motion through a strange, surreal and psychedelic-infused environment that glistens and glows, with even a few immersive outings such as the strong title piece encountered halfway. At the end, the graceful “Springtime on Sirius” and “Prismatic Fields” make the cosmic ride wind down very smooth.

By now, the limited edition cd will not be available anymore, but the quality download is still there.



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