Ixohoxi – Ambient Tone Poems Volume 1

Ixohoxi - Ambient Tone Poems Volume 1

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Ixohoxi – Ambient Tone Poems Volume 1
CD-R, Private Release, 2003

This is the first volume of a series of introspective ambient music which Ixohoxi has started a short while ago. The album features lengthy floating ambient textures kept in a quite simple and elemental way.

Next to soft layers of electronic sound also some organic additions like bells an shakers are added to the music to flavour them. The listener will notice some minimal approaches here and there in the carefully moulded soundscapes which drift and whirl along for a little less than one hour.

The second track “Red Sky, Red Dirt” features a slightly high-tech morphing rhythmic sequence in the background which delivers a mesmerizing, hypnotic impact to it. “High Above it all” is the shortest track, but with a great airy, delicately sculptured and expansive sound.

The album concludes with the 30-minute “Uluru Resonance”, which can stand next to some desert music of Steve Roach: layers of ambient sound dripping of hot & dry atmosphere, with a few repetitive piano-keys leading the way, later on modified sound of e-guitar and didgeridoo are added in the background.
Great expansive music which the composer himself likes to call “floatation chamber music” which indeed says it all.

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