Ixohoxi & Numina – Starfarer’s Tales Vol. 1

Ixohoxi & Numina - Starfarer's Tales Vol. 1


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Ixohoxi & Numina – Starfarer’s Tales Vol. 1
CD-R, Private Release, 2002

This is the first collaboration between these two distinguished American ambient composers, both known for their remarkable soundscape music.

They now joined forces which have led to this album (which has Poul Anderson sf-novel “Starfarers” as core inspiration) that won’t disappoint any fan of long-drifting textural music.

Each of the four lengthy tracks is able to take you on a journey through time and space, offering an almost immediate dreamy, hypnotic atmosphere after the play-button has been touched.

The opening track “Terraformers” reminded me a little of the excellent ambient-stuff which Vidna Obmana & Steve Roach have done years ago, as it carries the same strong impact of static rhythms, beats and vast space textures surrounding it.

A furthermore hypnotic feel starts shimmering on the horizon as soon as the second track “Orbiting the Holont” floats off.
The third track “Shaman of Tahir” shows some tiny signs of foreboding through the shimmering layers of sound, but the closing track “Cloudland” takes you gently away on another extensive drift of overwhelming atmospheres leading into the distant unknown…

All in all,“Starfarer’s Tales Vol 1” is a very strong effort, which really makes me look out for the forthcoming Vol. 2.

Website: www.hypnos.com

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