Ixohoxi & Numina – Starfarer’s Tales Vol. 2

Ixohoxi & Numina - Starfarer's Tales Vol. 2

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Ixohoxi & Numina – Starfarer’s Tales Vol. 2
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

This is the second chapter of the collaboration between these two ambient musicians, so I was expecting some kind of continuation of the previous album.

Well, “Volume 2” is definitely a more darker-shaded free form ambient trip taking up 51 minutes.
The opening track “Dark Matter” is done well and in line with its predecessor.

The second piece starts with a quirky sequence and bubble sounds, leading in strong experimental territory which doesn’t sound cohesive to my ears.

This feeling keeps lingering as the album goes by, only interrupted in the fifth track “Stasis”, which features more intimate, drifting textures and sustained piano.

“The Envoy” closes the album with tribal percussion lead over a blanket of Roach-like floating soundscapes.

Overlooking the album, only the opening and closure track are to my liking. As a whole, this effort doesn’t stand in the shadow of its predecessor.

Website: www.hypnos.com

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