J. Arif Verner – From a Distant Horizon

J. Arif Verner - From a Distant Horizon

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J. Arif Verner – From a Distant Horizon
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2005

The imaginative ambient magic of John Arif Verner has proved to be most satisfying on his previous albums “A Vision beyond Light” and “Through the Timeless”, which applies also to his third release “From a Distant Horizon”.

The overtly mellow and quiet outcome is a sophisticated blend of percussion, samples, lush textures and a few acoustic instruments. More than once things end up in gentle floating and dreamy soundscape scenery, such as on “Heart of the Pearl”. The 52-minute emotive result is a reflective and calming aural expanse with several elevating and melancholic currents passing in the overall harmonic, warm sound design. The icing on the cake is Howard Givens expert audio mastering.

P.S. Spotted Peccary Music re-released a fully remastered download-only version of this album enriched with refined clarity and depth in December 2017.

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