J. Arif Verner – Through the Timeless

J. Arif Verner - Through the Timeless

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J. Arif Verner – Through the Timeless
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2000

“Through the Timeless” is the second album from this American ambient-composer turning out even better than his much acclaimed “A Vision beyond Light” also published by Spotted Peccary. Arif composed and produced all the music himself, but asked some help from fellow-musicians on a few tracks.

The album consists of nine tracks, all in all 50 minutes of intriguing and adventurous ambient-space music with a lot of flute sounds as well as some acoustic guitar. The lightly-rhythmic titletrack contains a lot of well-handled power, but a track as “An Infinite Moment” is a beautiful laid-back spacecomposition in the best tradition. Strange though is the very short “Callings”, which hasn’t much to say and contains some experimental angles which don’t fit in Arif’s masterfull music. In addition, there’s some sophisticated percussion featured on a few tracks, such as on the vibrant “Across the Abyss”. And then there are two tracks which feature Laraaji (known from Brian Eno) on zither, which makes Mr Verner’s sonic art really glow.

The cd offers a not-mentioned short bonus-track at the very end, again featuring Laraaij, maybe taken from some studio-sessions or rehearsals. Looking back on this release and the excellent craftsmanship displayed on it I simply feel this musician deserves far more recognition than he has received untill now.

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