Jack Andrews – Electrokinesis

Jack Andrews - Electrokinesis

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Jack Andrews – Electrokinesis
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

Jack Andrews is a writer, visual artist and musician hailing from Arizona’s Sonoran desert , who’s “Electrokinesis” (meaning “creating and manipulating electricity from the mind”) is his debut-album.
It is Andrews’ belief that musicians and artists act as some kind of “receiver” for music already present in a pre-existant cosmic form, which also happened for this recording.
The album starts out with a couple of tracks with minimal but rather simple structured music in which various elements slowly circle around a sequencer-base, but I can’t say it’s anything special.
Even a title like “Dark Space” sounds light. Halfway, the tracks are filled with only freeform soundscape music and fx’s, slightly in vein of Constance Demby or even Aeoliah.
Although I gave the disc a few spins, things remained rather one-dimensional and empty to my ears, as if there’s not much depth to be found here. The fifth track “Mysterious Forrest” was the only piece that really rang a bell as a proper space/ambient composition to me.

Website: mysteriousarizona.com/jackandrewsart/music.html


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