Jack Hertz – Time

Jack Hertz - Time

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Jack Hertz – Time
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Free Floating Music, 2012

Ambient minimalism and (the impact of) the slow passing of time are core elements that mark the quiet and immersive music on the 76-minute “Time”.

The longform and unhurried drone textures breath a similar kind of introspection, subtlety and profound stillness as found on Roach’s “Quiet Music” or “Structures from Silence”. This makes the sophisticated and soft swirling outcome ideal for headphone listening, contemplation and travels inward in search of peace and solace.

And maybe the best thing of all is the full release is available as free high-quality download from Brad Ross-MacLeod’s Free Floating music netlabel.
Nice going, Mr Hertz!

Website: www.jackhertz.com


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