Jack Wood – Lighthouse

Jack Wood - Lighthouse

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Jack Wood – Lighthouse
CD, Private Release, 2007

“Lighthouse” is the beautifully designed second album (his debut “Per Ankh” came out in 2002) of the American visual artist Jack Wood. He uses the subject of the lighthouse to reflect his ideas, thoughts and visions from the lighthouse keeper’s point of view, investigating its various intrinsic and emotional elements: e.g. what it does feel like to those who have been entrusted its upkeep or to those whose life depends on it. This said, one can almost imagine the cinematic quality that’s imbedded in the 13 relax, moody compositions with seascape environmental sounds. They relate about nautical experiences and the various emotional perspectives when looking out from this save haven upon the vastness sea beneath. Sparkling piano themes are complemented by soft soaring textures, reflective and melancholic in nature but never dwelling towards flat contemporary new age music. Those who love the sea should surely dig this music.

Website: http://cdbaby.com/cd/jackwood2


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