James Bernhard – Atmospherics

James Bernhard - Atmospherics


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James Bernhard – Atmospherics
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, High Rising Records, 1994

Let’s take a ride with a fine example of old school ambient-trance classic made with classic instruments such as the Roland TB-303 (bass synthesizer), Roland TR-808 (Rhythm Composer) and Roland TR-606 (a programmable analogue synthesis drum machine).

With “Atmospherics” UK-composer James Bernhard, now residing in the USA, brings us a captivating ambient trip of cyclic, minimalist, surreal yet otherworldly nature. Snippets of dialogue, evocative textures, tight sequences and lushly layered synth pads make up a 76-minute mesmerizing aural landscape to disappear in. “Euph” already makes a great opener along the spherical “Mars Rain”and “Odyssey” while “Phosphorous” and “Lost in it” simply grab you with their catchy groovy character. Only the 3-minute “Genetic Experiment” rounding out the release is a bit harder due its strange, spooky and psychedelic sound design.

Still, “Atmospherics” is a must-have when you count Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Vol. II, Pete Namlook and other artists from the famous Fax label to your favourites.

Note: Three Sixty Records re-released a fully remastered edition of this classic ambient album in 2007, only as a download unfortunately.

Website: http://jamesbernard.bandcamp.com



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