James Johnson – Entering Twilight

James Johnson - Entering Twilight


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James Johnson – Entering Twilight
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 2000

At the time this album came out, the music of the Mike Griffin’s Hypnos label featured quite a lot of dark, abstract and sometimes even experimental-oriented releases.

The sonic content of “Entering Twilight” is a completely different story as it features one 66-minute track which follows through on the ambient style Mr Johnson unfolded on his previous self-released abums “Unity” and “Surrender”. The elegantly flowing long form ambient exercise also contains slight minimal renditions, but overall sounds like an ambient tribute to e.g. Eno & Budd’s “The Pearl” or Steve Roach’s “Quiet Music”, evoking the same sense of stillness and tranquil harmony.

“Entering Twilight” is simple and honest mood music to make the mind slow down and make body and soul feel at ease. I’d recommend it to all who love to dwell in the ambient expanse.
The release saw a re-issue as a download by the artist in January 2016.

Website: jamesjohnson.bandcamp.com

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