James Johnson – Environment 2

James Johnson - Environment 2

Release data:

James Johnson – Environment 2 (Music for The Working Space)(CUBE 1)
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, AtmoWorks/Private Release, 2005

“Music for The Working Space” features one 60-minute track, a collage of slow evolving spheres, gentle textures and occasional piano keys along assorted environmental sounds. The latter enhance the mesmerizing, subdued, minimal impact of the created quietening ambience especially while the brief soft-soaring melody (becoming more prominent around the 35-minute mark) surfacing on and off stresses the overall lulling nature of this recording. It makes great stress-out ambient for continuous playback, so if you fancy introspective, peaceful soundscapes this one’s for you.

Website: jamesjohnson.bandcamp.com

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