James Johnson – Linger

James Johnson - Linger

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James Johnson – Linger
CD-R, Mp3.com/AtmoWorks, 2000

“Linger” contains the live performance of James Johnson as played at The Ambient Ping 2000. This purveyor of tranquil ambient performed some great mood music, taking the whole concept to a new, soft glowing level. The 13-minute highly atmospheric title track kicking things off contains some sounds of thunder and rain.

Beautiful and subtle rhythmic elements enter the stage on “Riding the fog line” as does the ambient piano complement the melancholic spherics on “Siren Song”. “Frequency Shift” found at the end is a smooth and lush swirling ambient meditation fitting in the league of Roach’s “Structures from Silence” and “Quiet Music”. The sophisticated use of pastel coloured textures throughout the recording creates a gentle and pleasant flow to this meditative, slow shifting soundscape music.

All together “Linger” delivers quality mood ambiences to caress and slow down mind and soul. James Johnson re-issued the album in January 2016 as a download.

Website: jamesjohnson.bandcamp.com

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