James Johnson & Stephen Philips – Lost at Dunn’s Lake

James Johnson & Stephen Philips - Lost at Dunn's Lake

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James Johnson & Stephen Philips – Lost at Dunn’s Lake

Created for continuous playback, “Lost at Dunn’s Lake” contains one 62-minute ambient sojourn James Johnson made with Dark Duck label-owner Stephen Philips.

It’s a contemplative but also slightly mysterious flavoured aural affair blending sustained glacier bell sounds, soft piano and slow unwinding, overtly velvet synth textures, all expressing the expansiveness, beauty and remoteness of this natural area. The mood formed by serene, ethereal and calm morphing pads and piano is profoundly Eno-esque and perfect to make your mind break away from all nowadays hectic and chaos.
Nice going guys!

Website: jamesjohnson.bandcamp.com

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