James Johnson – The Butterfly Chamber

James Johnson - The Butterfly Chamber


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James Johnson – The Butterfly Chamber
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 2002

The actual release of “The Butterfly Chamber”, James Johnson’s second album for Mike Griffin’s Hypnos label was postponed for one year in favor of Mr. Johnson’s collaborative album “Seed” with MaJaLe.

A pallet of self-generating soundscapes form the basic building blocks of “The Butterfly Chamber” to which James added live studio performances on top, ending up in a one hour reverie of open, smooth morphing, introspective and light-melodic aural tapestries blending dreamy and intimate spaces similar to the ambient art of Budd and Eno.
Chris Short contributes some beautiful acoustic guitar to the first and the third piece while Susan Johns’ violin is featured on two other tracks. The presence of intrinsic stillness is intriguing and profound, especially on “Incensario”, “Tepantitla” and the closing piece “House of Mist”.

All in all, the varying outcome of soft flowing shifting sounds, generative music along almost song-like structures on the almost 60-minute “The Butterfly Chamber” makes premium ambient for all who love to immerse in quiet, inward-traveling environs.
James Johnson made the recording available as a download in January 2016.

Website: jamesjohnson.bandcamp.com

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