James Murray – Eyes to the Height

James Murray - Eyes to the Height

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James Murray – Eyes to the Height
CD-DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2016

Mr Murray’s seventh full-length solo album “Eyes to the Height” is a work of contemporary ambient poetry centred on the fragile beauty of life and loss. Next to a certain cinematic quality it features a strong pastoral, velvet and intimate feel.

Still I don’t think this a collection of music miniatures easy to get into. Its tranquil sonic canvas of blurred, slow evolving textural spheres and attentive chosen rhythms/beats airs a quite surreal and hypnotizing perfume demanding the right mindset to be appreciated. In the second half of the 57-minute recording (sounding tenderer than ever) the shimmer of loneliness and melancholy surfaces more profound, expressing the ache of unfulfilled dreams, yearning and time gone by so quickly.

This is one of those records getting appreciated after several spins and some thorough listening, I reckon.

Website: www.jamesmurray.info


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