Jan Nemeček – Through the Planetary Void

Jan Nemeček - Through the Planetary Void

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Jan Nemeček – Through the Planetary Void
CD-R, Private Release, 2005

Jan Nemeček is a native of Belgrade, Serbia, where he works as sound designer and television/film soundtrack scorer.

“Through the planetary void” was conceived as a soundtrack to a complete ambient space journey.
The free form textural music, with accompanying effects, touches unearthly ground as it goes by, visiting lighter and darker shaded corners and territories among the universe.

However, it’s a pity there are short interruptions due to the track indexes. The 10th track is the only one featuring some rhythm before things again delve into mesmerizing, drifting soundscapes that close the album.

In all, the entire music is well executed and recommendable.

Website: www.bluewaterrecords.com


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