Janneh – Love Times Time

Janneh - Love Times Time

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Janneh – Love Times Time
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

“Love Times Time” is a 52-minute album of contemporary, sequencer-based cosmic music with occasional Eastern elemens composed by Finnish composer Janne Hanhisuanto aka Janneh.

The nine, rather mellow pieces all rely on song structure on which melody only plays a minor role. Though “Falling Star” displays a livelier, rhythmic-driven sonic aura, Janneh best efforts come to fruition when sticking to a mellower, intimate approach such as heard on the two-part title track, “Moon Halo” and “Sunzone”.

What I miss though is consistency throughout the album (as this now seems a plain compilation of songs and ideas) while I trust a good producer would also be able to select and lift the key elements of Janneh’s still amateurish-flavored music to a substantial higher level than it remains now.

Website: www.jannehanhisuanto.com


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