Jason Sloan – To Cross the River of Light

Jason Sloan - To Cross the River of Light

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Jason Sloan – To Cross the River of Light
CD-R, Grey Area/Zero Music, 2001

I came to know this American ambient musician though the (now deceased?) Zero Music label of James Johnson. The packaging makes one think of the Italian Amplexus releases, containing four sheets with art and info.

The EP “To cross the River of Light” appears to be Mr Sloan’s sixth release, containing one continous 30- minute ambient composition. Although four chapters are listed, there are no track indexes on the disc itself.

Sonically, the meditative, airy and lush music offers a smooth drift through tranquil spheres with floating soundscapes and loops reminiscent of Steve Roach, vidnaObmana, Jeff Pearce or the Amplexus cd-ep of Djen Ajakan Shean. Halfway, a melancholic sonic perfume comes to the surface, while sounds of gentle rain pass by. This said, there’s some slight distortion noticeable occasionally as well. The warm, serene drift of sounds is a fine work, but would benefit from some further mastering.

Website: www.jasonsloan.com


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