Javi Cánovas – Eunomia

Javi Cánovas - Eunomia

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Javi Cánovas – Eunomia
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

Canary Islands based synthesist Javi Cánovas kicks off 2015 with a work of sonic art showing resemblances of his 2009 release “In this moment, in this place”.

Four long tracks, culminating in 70-minutes of accessible and contemporary e-music, open with atmospheric intros, later replaced by dynamic, multi-layered sequencer patterns, gentle flowing melodic pads along some fluid retro sounds/solo-voices.

The Berlin School style blooms on the excellent “Phronesis”, with its fast-paced, powerful and evolving sequencing and accompanying textures and the 20-minute “Andreia”. The latter again features a beautiful ebb and flow of energetic parts along quieting, atmospheric interludes.
The interlocking and bouncing sequencers swirl and drive along nicely on the final piece “Dikaiosyne”, with (as on the previous takes) still not much trace of any need to put melodic solos in there. This only happens briefly in the last few minutes.
All in all, “Eunomia” makes another nice and well-composed effort by Javi.

Website: javicanovas.bandcamp.com

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