Javi Cánovas – Nights of Brightness

Javi Cánovas - Nights of Brightness

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Javi Cánovas – Nights of Brightness
CD-R, Neu Harmony, 2008

This is my second encounter with the retro-oriented music of Javi Canovas. The 60-minute album kicks off very nicely with the 17-minute” Nimbus”, which features peppy, sequencer-driven Berliner School sequencing and engaging solo lines.
“Eclipse” is a shorter, dynamic track with beats, drums and lots of tweaked sequencers, topped by solo’s. The 10-minute “Metallic Core” offers a nice interplay of bass and lighter sequencer patterns.
“Mr Ivan” is a rather freaky dance piece which is out of place here.

Great vintage sequencing returns on the 7-minute “Fugitive Star”, accompanied by mellotron flute and solo’s. “Beta” is the second weak effort on this cd with its hammering drums introducing a much nicer mellow melody.
The fx’s at the intro of the vintage piece “Protoplanet” lead into an overall quiet sonic excursion with varied sequencing and mellotron flutes.

All in all, the constant changing sequencer patterns and overall retro sound design make this attractive and lively, but things sound overdone when are given a progressive twist.

Website: javicanovas.bandcamp.com

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