Javi Cánovas – Psychedelic Voyage

Javi Cánovas - Psychedelic Voyage

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Javi Cánovas – Psychedelic Voyage
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2012

“Psychedelic Voyage”, inspired by psychedelic images, movies and sounds, sees a continuation of Javi Cánovas’ classic electronic music style for which he applied his usual gear such as the Andromeda A6, Roland Juno D, Novation XIO along some soft synths.

This time though, Javi tried much harder to charge his music with more emotion and power compared to prevision occasions. The first piece, the 18-minute title piece, things settle down in awkward sonic territory on the first five minutes or so, featuring stuff Javi has been investigating with a guitarist under the 23fish monniker. Thereafter, “Phaedra”-like sequencing and spheres slowly start to surface, soon getting more powerful as rhythms and spatial bass sequencers start to fade in, making the second half of this track the most energetic.

Next in line is the 18-minute “Mechanic Spirit”, where lovely mellotron flutes intermingle with TD-like retro sequencing, followed by more expressive, tweaked bass-sequencer patterns, soft choir pads and solos. Occasionally, the outcome comes close to older AirSculpture stuff. What follows is a very nice quiet interlude by means of the short “Into the Silence”: a beautiful, emotional and contemplative reverie inspired by relaxed states of the mind.

The final track, the 27-minute “Sundown”, sees Javi also play the electric guitar to give the melodic but still rather mellow outcome a bit of a blues feeling. Although adding this to his music makes the outcome more varied and different, I can’t really adjust nor really like it either as it distracts quite a bit from the powerfull sequenced music with a nice buzz in my opinion.

Website: javicanovas.bandcamp.com

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