Javi Cánovas – Strange Vision

Javi Cánovas - Strange Vision

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Javi Cánovas – Strange Vision
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2007

Mr Canovas is most famous for his genious blend of vintage electronic sounds and sequencers with contemporary technology, bringing the listener the best of both worlds.

On his third album “Strange Vision”, Javi persues his journey through well-balanced vintage electronics with more shorter tracks, all containing more melody, especially on the final piece”Last Journey”. In addition, the third track “Prelude” was a real challenge, as Javi tried to imagine the sequence notes and harmonic progression before composing it. The seven pieces making up the 54-minute “Strange Vision” feature fast and very lively spatial sequencer structures interacting with analogue melodic textures and soundscaping along some solo voices and drums.

If you like to have another well-rendered vintage “bite”, “Strange Vision” is a good choice. Again very nicely done, Javi!

Website: javicanovas.bandcamp.com

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