Javi Cánovas – The Following Rain

Javi Cánovas - The Following Rain


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Javi Cánovas – The Following Rain
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2016

Javi’s personal emotions and memories of the first rain in autumn formed the inspiration for the music of “The Following Rain”. The 70-minute outcome delivers a driving and powerful statement of spatial Berlin School sequencers which are tweaked almost constantly along psychedelic-ish soundscapes swirling around them.

The electronics turn out especially infectious on the 14-minute title piece, where one can perceive various melancholic currents as well. A mellower side of this style is featured on “Cronion” with sparkling sequences sounding rather early Steve Roach. The 22-minute “Last Door” is an epic track filled with emotive textures along the rise and fall of interlocking, pulsating sequencers (which again are reminiscent of Roach’s “Empetus” and “Now/Traveler”) and some energetic soloing. This vibrant energy also puts it mark on the tantalizing sequencer lines of the final piece “Unsealed Memory”.

With “The Following Rain”, Mr Cánovas has delivered another strong release that many will enjoy for sure. Well done, Javi.

Website: javicanovas.bandcamp.com

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