Jean-Michel Jarre – Amazônia

Jean-Michel Jarre - Amazônia  


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Jean-Michel Jarre – Amazônia

“Amazônia” is Jarre’s 52-minute musical score to the vision of Sebastião Salgado’s immersive exhibition about the Brazil’s Amazon with the attempt to approach the region with respect, relying on a poetic and impressionistic way.

The ambient sound collage comes in 9 parts full of weird turns and twists, wrapping the listener in a peculiar world of samples, beats, world music, assorted nature sounds (created by the composer himself in his studio), slices of melody as well as  whole bunch of ethnographic soundscapes created out of native voices, songs and ethnic instruments. Well, it’s a strange and unusual potpourri to my ears, a profound aural experience where elements of the common thread are lost, touched and found in constant, suspended motion. The atmospheric, more cohesive sounding “Part 7” could be regarded as an intro-piece (a bit like “Band in the Rain” turned inside out), something also reflected in the final track where the outro-feel is felt profoundly.

The cd and vinyl edition of the recording include an access code to download the binaural sound and 5.1 version offering a surround-sound experience when listening to it with headphones.

Overall rating: between 2.5 and 3 stars.

Website: jeanmicheljarre.comYou can see what reviews I have done of this artist on the  Jean Michel Jarre artist page


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