Jeff Greinke – Before Sunrise

Jeff Greinke - Before Sunrise

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Jeff Greinke – Before Sunrise
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2018

When it comes to the works of Arizona-based musician, composer, performer, sound sculptor and visual artist Jeff Greinke, music and creative process have always been inspired by his personal visual, aural, and sensual (particularly meteorological) experiences of the world around him.

The abstract, emotive-charged and desolate aural landscapes of his previous Spotted Peccary album “Virga” are clear testament of that. “Before Sunrise” sees a continuation of that style once again blending acoustic (such as piano, cello, viola, clarinets and vibraphone) and electronic instrumentation most subtle while the artist applies a highly developed process of sound layering in favor of creating an authentic, organic quality to the cinematic musical experience.

I also realize the eight gradually evolving impressionist (almost contemporary chamber music like) ambient paintings though won’t be for everyone. Especially the overall somber, pastoral and melancholic sound currents along Greinke’s free-style approach make it a tougher kind of music I reckon. So you’d best check out some of its music before purchase.


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