Jeff Greinke – Noctilucent

Jeff Greinke - Noctilucent  


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Jeff Greinke – Noctilucent
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2022

Jeff Greinke’s 58-minute ambient sojourn “Noctilucent” (named after a rare type of cloud phenomena called night-shining clouds) is an alchemy of thought-provoking, visceral night music featuring nine transformative tracks riding the edge between tranquility and slight menace.

Vibes of unease already shimmer clearly through the aural leaves of opener “Unrest” while smooth textural tapestries of calm, harmonic nature settle down on the subtle glowing “Around the Corner”. On “Into the Night”, the longest piece on the recording, the shifting atmospheres seem to deepen without things getting haunting in any sense while an ominous world of sequenced pulses dressed with a gentle dose of tension make up “Tunnel”. A sense of foreboding and eeriness is sketched out on the experimental, weightless “Sinking”, (the hardest piece to my ears) before the veil is lifted as we enter the wondrous, lucid stasis created on the gently beckoning title track. The latter description also applies to “Undercurrent” which wraps things up in an enigmatic, hypnotizing fashion.

One should consider digging “Noctilucent” if abstract-angled electronics made by keyboards with samples, forming textures and atmospheric presences tick boxes for you, I reckon.


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