Jeff Greinke – Virga

Jeff Greinke - Virga

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Jeff Greinke –Virga
CD, Lotuspike, 2009

“Virga” is the 18th release by Jeff Greinke, and his second one on the LotusPike/Spotted Peccary. The character and shape of the music sees Greinke return to an ambient and textural approach which applied to his ‘80s and ‘90s work.

In a way, it’s electronic ambient chamber music, as the outcome merges sounscape electronics with trumpet, cello and piano in which elements of harmony and drama shimmer through the pastoral interludes and expansive, melodic and overall moody ambient spheres.

At times, it vaguely remembered me of the reflective music of Paul Sauvanet or Eno/Budd (“Abandoned Place”, “Contrails”), but also of music in which atmospheric conditions are a key element (such as Rich’s “Calling Down the Sky”).
Or, as nicely put in the press sheet:”the mood present preceding an intense storm is similar to the subtle foreboding quality of some of the pieces on this album”.

All in all, “Virga” makes a cinematic, slowly evolving set of quality ambient informed by big skies, vast landscapes and weather conditions of the American desert Southwest, in which the occasional use of trumpet is the only tricky element in my opinion.


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